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Daniel J. Armstrong-Athletic Director
Explanation of How and Why we Delay/Postpone/Cancel Athletic Events

Here is a terminology explanation in case of weather (or other) issues Delay/Postponement/Cancellation of Athletic Events.

DELAYED-means the contest will start later in the day it was to take place.

POSTPONED-means the contest will not take place the day scheduled, but an attempt will be made to try to make it up.

CANCELED-means the contest will not take place the day scheduled and will not be made up.

Please note that both schools work together (usually the A.D. contacts their coaches to get their input on whether they wish to make up a game or not. Many factors go into it. Regardless, both schools need to agree to the plan. The home team "usually" has the final say since they are hosting (and it is their field that may be tore up or destroyed as in cases of rain).

An example of why a coach may not want to make up a game (especially late in a season)....

The coach may not want to play too many games in a week which could result in player fatigue increasing the likelihood of injury.